10 reasons why the church can be a good hunting ground

Wycliffe Kyalo lost his mother to HIV as a teenager and gradually became an alcoholic, lost

jobs and fell out with relatives. It was not until he met his wife in church that he decided to change his ways.

“I would go to church a few times and then back slide back to the chang’aa den. I was saved by a woman. There was a very beautiful girl who sang in the choirs.
She is now my wife. I asked the pastor if I could hit on her. He dismissed me and told me she would never accept me with my alcoholic behaviour. I tried and true to my pastor’s word, she blasted me. I did not give up and went on trying until she finally did. I quit alcohol and became committed to the church,” Wycliffe told The Nairobian.
Here are the other reasons the church can be a good hunting ground, after all:
2. Sharing the same faith
3. Support from peers/jumuiya/prayer cells
4. Strong family values
5. Partner can be morally straight
6. Good venue for kusorora ‘potential’ soulmates
7. Spouse has good, ‘proper’ upbringing
8.  Meeting a God fearing person
9. Most church spouses are submissive
10. Best place to mingle with the single and searching 

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