It’s not bad to snack but be careful to avoid lifestyle ailments

A typical working day includes some breaks in between. This allows you to reboot your faculties, and at times, to top up your spent energy. It is not unusual to take several snack 

breaks each day. But beware that what you snack on may over time be quite detrimental to your health.
Look around at the nearest snack kiosk. The most readily available snacks are likely to be made of refined wheat, deep-fried in oil, and sweetened with sugar. They look appetising and give you an instant burst of energy. And there is irresistible temptation to take more than one helping and come back again and again in the course of the day. You certainly do yourself some good by getting re-energised to continue being productive. But your choice of snacks may have a downside in the long run.
Snacks that contain refined carbohydrates and high sugar levels are quickly digested and absorbed into your system. They trigger a sudden rise in several hormones in your body, kick-starting a cascade of events that encourage storage of excess energy as fat. You get into a vicious cycle of hunger pangs that are easily calmed by quick snacks, which then raises your risk of preventable metabolic diseases. You can easily find yourself slipping into obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
But you can make efforts to snack better. Select snacks that are made from complex and non-refined carbohydrates. Opt for the non-oily types. And check if there are bland ones without added sugar. Your system will take longer to digest such, meaning a more controlled and steady rise of hormones and less propensity to converting what you eat into fat. You will also have longer intervals before feeling the need for another snack.
Some selection of snacks will even correct some of your ills. Take nuts for example. Not only are they rich in carbohydrates and proteins, but they also lower levels of your bad cholesterol. Take a fistful now and again in your working day. Fruits and salads are also good choices, some are rich in anti-oxidants and provide lots of roughage to keep your bowels moving in the right direction. Your risk of bowel cancer becomes lower over time. Try a bio yoghurt now and again as well, such yoghurts are enriched with bowel-friendly bacteria, keeping unwanted intestinal infections in check.
You can combine your snack breaks with a short walk around your office block. Not only will this ease chilled muscles and bones, but it will also break down part of your snacks. If this becomes a regular habit, you will be well into physical fitness without necessarily looking for spare gym time and cash. Your wholesome health is a factor of what you eat, and what you do.

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