The Pros and Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery

Pro: Goodbye glasses

While glasses may either positively or negatively affect how you see yourself, everyone

agrees that they are not the most comfortable accessories to wear. If you enjoy wearing glasses but find discomfort in the pair you own, laser eye surgery is probably not for you. Perhaps find a more comfortable pair of glasses to wear.

However, if you don’t like how glasses feel or how they make you look, and contacts are not a welcoming option for you, then check with your doctor to see if you qualify for Lasik surgery.
Con: Causes bruises
Lasik and other laser eye procedures use a suction cup apparatus to hold the eye still while the laser is doing its job. This suction cup almost always causes bruises in the white areas of the eye. The bruises essentially are just broken blood vessels, and the redness caused by the procedure can last up to three months. This means, for a whole three months, you may look like you just got back from “Spring Break” or a weekend in Las Vegas!
Pro: Death to contact lenses
Contact lenses can cause dry itchy eyes, and in some extreme cases, bacterial infection in the eye. Because contact lenses decrease the amount of oxygen delivered to the surface of the eye as well as prevent tears from naturally cleaning the eye when you blink, the eye is unable to clean itself of bacteria and debris. This is what causes the dry itchy feeling that so many contact lens users experience.

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