This is What A Guy’s Und3rw3ar Choice Says A Lot About The Kind Of ‘BOY’ He Is. Men With White Are No Go Zone

If you dug through my drawers right now, you’d be swimming in a pool of secure, typically snug boxer briefs in an array of black and blue.

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Basic, I know, but they hold everything together, coordinate well with most of my outerwear and are tight enough that I catch myself staring at my a** just about every morning.

Up until recently, my underwear selection was relatively boring.

However, when it came time to -strip down- for someone else, I made sure not to sport anything with rips, holes or cartoon characters, but rarely did I take into consideration what they thought of me based on my selection.

(Wait, what? I don’t have underwear with cartoon characters, that’d be crazy and totally not hot at all…)

That’s when I realized, underwear has way more of a purpose than just everyday functionality.

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