This is What A Guy’s Und3rw3ar Choice Says A Lot About The Kind Of ‘BOY’ He Is. Men With White Are No Go Zone

Without further ado, here’s exactly what I will think of you every time your pants pop off:

If you encounter someone wearing this baggy excuse for fabric, odds are he’s still not old enough to drink or at least has that mentality.

Boxers were all the rage years back, but now, they’re a poor excuse for underwear that get bunched up in just about any pair of pants you decidedly wear.

For some, they’re a go-to. But for me, they say the guy still needs to get his sh*t together.

A man’s equivalent to wearing lingerie.

Since it aims to boost their bulge and draws eyes directly to their perky a** and smooth thighs, odds are the wearer has thrown them on for a specific reason.

This guy may be a tad full of himself, or at least has a mission and he’s set on accomplishing.

A typical brief-wearer may not be the one you bring home to meet the parents, but realistically, he can most certainly get it.

Boxer Briefs
A staple in my wardrobe, the boxer brief represents a classic feel and comfort.

The guy toting these is a goddamn gentleman, inclined to pick up the check and hold the door open with no hesitation. The binding nature of this pair may give off more of a tame side, but that’s not to say they avoid danger altogether.

Realistically, he’s probably more of a lover, not a fighter.

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