This is What A Guy’s Und3rw3ar Choice Says A Lot About The Kind Of ‘BOY’ He Is. Men With White Are No Go Zone

The only man who had a free pass to wear these is Bryan Cranston, and with “Breaking Bad” at its completion, even he’s no longer the exception to the no tighty-whities rule.

No self-respecting man who hopes to get laid will put these on, And if you happen to encounter one, I suspect he’s yet to discover a store that spits out underwear by the dozens.

Wish him well, but run away immediately.

A jockstrap, mankini or any type of undergarment that features extremely minimal fabric falls under questionable territory.

If he’s from Eldoret or Iten (read an athlete), he may get a free pass. But otherwise, it’s hard to determine if he’s a freak, or just really, really likes the breeze.

If I’m balls out, chances are I just got out of the shower.

A man who goes commando in the confines of his own home could be seen as a regular Joe who can differentiate between casual life and work life (and isn’t necessarily looking to exclude s3x appeal at that given point in time).

Now, if you intentionally leave out underwear when throwing on a power suit for your 9-to-5 gig, that’s just plain weird.

You’re acting a little sloppy, its downright unsanitary, And that can resonate in the way you portray yourself.

In conclusion: If you wear tighty-whities, f**k you!!!!

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