Why ladies risk their health to look hot in the cold

Besides the economic crimes it perpetrates on most of us every year it has also surprises us weather-wise. Instead of the hot and humid weather that we are used to at times its cold and wet.

But unperturbed by the freezing weather, our sisters have continued to try and outshine one another on who can bear the cold and bare it all.
Last week, I was seated with one of my pals and we got talking. “Why do girls wear miniskirts and tank tops even in the cold weather outside” He asked.
“Even if it’s really cold and the guys are wearing thick full-sleeved jackets and gloves, the girls still wear miniskirts and tank tops. Why do they do this Are they so desperate for attention that they ignore their health and comfort” He continued.
Skimpy clothes
I did not know the answer. To be fair I have also noticed a lot of girls wearing skimpy clothes in freezing temperatures.
I can understand if they wear skimpy clothes in warm weather, because it’s hot and those clothes are comfortable.
Granted I have seen very few girls dress in regular clothes like sweatshirts and jeans, but many dress up all skimpy, no matter what the weather is.
Am I wrong to jump to the conclusion that their morals are wanting “Certainly not,” claimed a lady friend of mine when I asked her the same.
“Girls don’t like wearing the same thing over and over again, and nice coats are quite expensive. It’s easier for us to just wear normal shirts, which we have in plenty,” she went on.
“Some of the more sketchy and sneaky girls try to trap guys into offering them their coats by wearing light clothes and then complaining about being cold,” she continued.
But I remained unconvinced. What they will wear to their lecture halls is no different with what they will wear to church come Sunday.
“Can someone really be holy when you are barely covered” I asked her. “Yes” she answered. “After all aren’t we all made in the image of the almighty” she insisted.
But my take is that they are determined to catch the eye of a man. They will go into great lengths to get noticed. Yet when they catch you staring at their ‘promising future’ they will not hesitate to give you a tongue lashing.
If a girl is confident of her and looks, she does not need to give men a visual map on where to train his eyes. With the bad weather, it’s your health at risk.

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