Why you should choose healthcare the way you choose a holiday destination

The healthcare industry is much like the hospitality industry. But whereas the hospitality industry is driven by the availability of leisure time and disposable income, the healthcare 

industry is driven by the need to beat diseases. And yes, both are comparable in aspects of quality of service, value for money and much more. You probably spend quite some time looking up nice holiday hotels. Could you do the same for your medical needs, and look for some exclusivity of care
The exclusivity of the hospitality industry is defined by factors like location, reputation, ambiance, authenticity and professionalism. You see, you need some sort of attraction to opt for one destination instead of another. From face value, you may not immediately equate healthcare to similar standards. But why not When you are unwell, you don’t deserve to get yourself into a godforsaken and miserable place. You need a place that promises a sense of well-being the minute you walk in, not unlike your favourite restaurant or airline.
So, how do you go about getting exclusivity of healthcare You need to do a bit of homework. It’s not really difficult nowadays to look up ratings for healthcare facilities. There is freely available information online, and there is also word of mouth from your colleagues. Don’t stop there, what about the staff who actually deliver the care We are talking of nurses, doctors, support staff and even the leadership. Professional qualification is not the only thing you are looking for. You are looking for other things like empathy, how they communicate and much more.
The air of exclusivity for your care will only add up if you get treated like an individual with unique needs. You can’t accept to be lumped into a group of individuals with the all too lax definition of ‘patients.’ There is never anything common between patients, even if you both have the same aches and pains. You must be assessed in an individual and dignified manner, allowed to question anything, and even get offered a chance to give feedback. Everything that happens must be geared towards getting the best for you. You must be treated like royalty, any other way should prompt you to look elsewhere.
There is too easy acceptance of mediocre healthcare services in our part of the world. And it’s not even for free. Why accept it Sometimes it may be a lack of choice, especially in emergency situations. But all too often, healthcare providers may have taken you for granted. And you may have just accepted the status quo.
What you are willing to put up with is up to you. You can get yourself unrivalled and deeply satisfying care, or just ride along with whatever comes your way.

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